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Jeffrey and Jermaine Have a Home!

Thank you to everyone who networked and contributed to this very happy ending! It was so fantastic hearing from across the world how much pets mean to their families. Jeffrey and Jermaine want to say thank you and please visit Operation Ava or your local shelter when you are looking to add a deserving pet to your family.  Share the love!!!





16 Responses to “Jeffrey and Jermaine Have a Home!”

  1. Marina says:

    UUUUHUUUUUUU.. Thanks´s San Francisco de Assis! Good luck twice brother´s! SO much happy! \o/\o/

  2. David says:

    Blubin like a good un !!!!!!!!!!
    So happy they found a forever home !!!!!!

  3. Virginia says:

    these two look just like my pup!!! so happy they had a happy ending!!!

  4. Pam Gates says:


  5. Pam Gates says:

    This story brought me to tears. Nice to hear another happy new beginning.

    • Joan says:

      This article bought me to tears. I am so thrilled that
      J & J got adopted. God bless the family who took brother and sister pets in and God bless the inseparable poochies!


    I live in Brazil in the city of Araçariguama love animals and want to adopt Jeffrey and Jermaine.

    Live on the farm and have plenty of space. Would be happy to adopt them.

    thank you
    Luciana Cavalieri

  7. Karen Hart says:

    I’m sooo happy they found a good home… I was ready to adopt them myself..

  8. Sue says:

    Happy tears!!! Great ending

  9. Michele says:

    I’m a huge fan of Op Ava! Love the happy ending for Jeffrey and Jermaine but I have a question…who took the photo that “started it all”? Shouldn’t they get some credit?

    • ava says:

      The person who took the photo was April Madel, a veterinary technician at The Pet Mechanic. We are incredibly grateful to her for capturing this moment!

  10. J M Bolt says:

    Would like to join their Facebook list.

  11. kris says:

    We would all love to follow jeffrey and jermain, i agree would you please please make a facebook page of them! i shared and shared the post and emailed it to all my friends, i am so happy they found a loving furever home! God Bless you for adopting them!! Thank you for saving two beautiful babies!

  12. ava says:

    Brotherly Love Pups is the facebook name. Thank you!

  13. renee hauser says:

    could you please give me the facebook name for jeffrey and jermains.. I would love to continue to view them. I love the their story and whats become of it..

    • luray engel says:

      I have a dog that my son acquired in Philly this summer. I swear she is related to these pups. She too was a stray.

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